Can Pharmacists Improve the Accuracy of Medication Histories?

Pharmacist- Versus Physician-Obtained Medication HistoriesReeder TA, Mutnick AAm J Health Syst Pharm. 2008;65:857-860 Study SummaryAbout 60% of hospitalized patients have at least 1 error in their medication history that is taken upon admission.[1] The investigators in this study compared medication histories that were obtained by hospital pharmacists with those obtained by physicians. The study was […]

Why Should I Report an Adverse Drug Event?

When I was in charge of the postmarketing drug safety program at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the early 1980s, 1 particular drug report became etched in my memory.

Chewing Gum May Enhance Recovery After Colon Surgery

Several small clinical trials have suggested that chewing gum after surgery to remove a part of the colon can enhance intestinal recovery, and some have suggested that this can result in a shortened hospital stay for the patient. Now, a meta-analysis of 5 clinical trials, involving a total of 158 patients, has found that the […]

Universal Truths Abide in Medicine, Even in Parallel Universes

Medicine is practiced differently around the world, and yet some aspects — especially the frustrations — are fairly universal. Where better can you experience the similarities and differences than in the blogging world, where clinicians share stories from their practices and their personal lives? Two physician bloggers, known as "Dr. Dino" and "Dr. Emer," provide […]

NPI required for all HIPAA Standard Transactions on May 23, 2008

As of May 23, Medicare FFS will require and send NPI-Only in ALL provider identifier fields for all HIPAA and paper transactions where a provider identifier is required.  If you send Medicare a transaction with a Medicare legacy identifier in any of the provider fields, your claim will be rejected.  These transactions include all electronic […]